Why use More App Reviews as an app review exchange?

Climb the charts

Getting reviews for your apps means more attention in the store and your apps will climb the charts easier.

Real feedback

All reviews are written by real people. Get the feedback your apps deserve!

More attention

Spread the word about your apps and let other users know they exists!


  • Unlimited apps

    Add as many apps as you like to More App Reviews and control how you want your reviews to be distributed among them.

  • Unlimited reviews

    As long as you submit reviews for other apps your apps will continue to receive reviews.

  • Phones and tablets

    We will automatically recognize the supported devices for all apps and only show them for the correct audience.

How does it work?

Give a review, get a review. It's that easy! For each review you submit you will get one point and for each point you have, someone else will review one of your apps. It works for both payed and free apps and across platforms. You can even mix and match between platforms; submit a review on one platform and get one in return on another platform.

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Supported platforms



We are working to bring more platforms to More App Reviews.

What are you waiting for?

By using our free app review exchange service you will get more attention for your apps which means more users, more downloads and more reviews. Getting reviews for free is an easy way climb the charts and get more attention in the app stores as well.